Thank you for your interest in contributing to this website.  Obviously, Seven Ranges has
touched you in a profound and unique way.  By submitting your own materials for inclusion
in the site, you can share your feelings and memories with the rest of the scouting
community.  The more people who contribute, the better-rounded this site is.

By submitting any materials, including photos, digital movies, audio clips, poems, short
stories, etc., you agree that your submission now belongs to the public domain.  I'm sure that
if you have spent much time on the internet, you have discovered that it is possible to copy
and paste almost anything off of a website.  Should you later decide that you no longer want
part or all of your material(s) published on www.7ranges.org, they will be removed from the
site.  However, this does not guarantee that someone has not already saved your materials to
their computer.  I cannot be held responsible for any other use of your material(s).  If you
wish to submit photos of people other than yourself, be sure to obtain permission from them
prior to submission.

If you agree to all of the above,

send an e-mail to damien@7ranges.org with your photos and a
message describing them.